Why Mackinac Revealed

See Real Mackinac

Stroll on magnificent bluffs above Lake Huron, see hidden gems you may not know exist and experience Mackinac the way the locals do.

Enjoy rarely visited magnificent sites while hearing insider stories of the real Mackinac Island. Truly appreciate the true wonders of Mackinac Island.

The Past

Mackinac has a remarkable history. Get the how and the why from a genuine local expert – from fur trading to military events to what is happening today.  See Fort Mackinac, the Island schoolhouse, the Governor’s residence, Grand Hotel, West Bluff summer cottages, the Straits of Mackinac, Victorian architecture, neighborhoods with active stables and magnificent gardens.

Feel for yourself why Mackinac is so special – location, history, character and lifestyles.


Hear the stories behind the fabulous Victorian summer cottages and growing up in one.

An authentic Islander explains Mackinac, the horses, the people, and the natural beauty as well as island history and lore – Native people, shipwrecks, carriages, winter-life, and much more.

Benefits and Pleasures

Only Mackinac Revealed provides an experiential adventure, up close and personal, away from the crowds, linking the Island’s past highlights and current magic. You get an intimate look at Mackinac Island’s charisma from a six-generation resident. Observe the lifestyles, get insider perspectives, and feel for yourself why Mackinac is so treasured. Take in unique scenes and grasp the incredible charm of Mackinac, revealed by a local expert, while coming acquainted with the peaceful, real Mackinac Island, in the woods and quiet places, beyond the spirited and busy downtown.

Tours & Services



Mackinac Revealed is THE independent service that works with all Island ferry, tour, hotel and restaurant options to ensure a rich variety of experiences and a complete and satisfying Mackinac vacation.

Mackinac Revealed helps travel professionals and their customers from coach tours, Great Lakes cruise ships, family reunions, business conventions and all kinds of vacationers. As Mackinac’s only travel receptive, we arrange itineraries, events and locations for everything you need.


There are many ways to experience the wonder of Mackinac. Have a lifelong resident and true island specialist ensure you are provided more choices and select the best option. Mackinac Revealed exposes genuine Mackinac Island and explores its special character. Make good use of your time and enhance your customers’ travel experience. Contact Mackinac Revealed for tips, information about sites, activities, attractions,, and for total travel arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is advance purchase required?

Yes. Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended. If the minimum of 4 persons is not achieved, you will be notified by noon that day via email or telephone, and refunded.

When do tours start?

All tours begin as scheduled and shown on the website calendar. Please consult the website for specific tour dates and times.

How long is the tour?

The standard tour lasts about 1 and 3/4 hours, give or take 15 minutes, at a leisurely pace with plenty of stops, and includes a couple of hills. There is no public restroom on the route.

How much do tour tickets cost?

Standard tour tickets are $40 each for adults and children older than 10 years. Children under 5 are free, and ages 5 – 10 are $20.

Private tours vary by size of group and interests but generally cost slightly more than standard tour tickets.

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for heat/cold. Consider bringing water to drink. There is not a bathroom available during the tour.

Where do we meet and where do tours end?

The meeting spot is a large marble bench in a contained area at the Woodfill Commemorative Bench on Cadotte Avenue, across the street from the Little Stone Church. The tour ends in this same location.

There will be occasional tours in 2020.  If you have a group interested in an event, please email mackinacrevealed@gmail.com