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Go to places rarely seen

Learn about the magic of Mackinac from

an expert like no other.






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Discover the Mackinac Island known only by those few who have called it home for generations. Mackinac Revealed offers walking tours, seated presentations, private and customizable tours, bike safaris, trip planning, and more. We're here to give you an unforgettable island experience.


past tour attendee

Our tours take you on a historical journey through time

Stroll along the stunning bluffs above Lake Huron, see gems you did not know exist, and experience Mackinac the way the locals do.

Enjoy rarely visited historical sites and magnificent natural attractions while hearing insider stories of the real Mackinac Island. 

  • See famous and historic sites. Learn from a sixth-generation expert.

    44 US dollars
  • A custom tour, tailored just for you. Please email to book.

    2 hr

    Starting at $49
  • Experience a photographic journey through Mackinac's past and present.

    1 hr

    Price Varies
  • Take your trip to the next level with the help of a Mackinac expert.

    1 hr

    Price Varies

see the real

Only Mackinac Revealed provides an experiential adventure, up close and personal, away from the crowds, linking the Island’s past highlights and current magic. 

Learn about Mackinac's remarkable history


Get the how and the why from a genuine local expert – from fur trading to military events to what is happening today.  See Fort Mackinac, the Island schoolhouse, the Governor’s residence, Grand Hotel, West Bluff summer cottages, the Straits of Mackinac, Victorian architecture, neighborhoods with active stables and magnificent gardens.

Feel the past

Feel for yourself why Mackinac is so special.

Hear the stories behind the fabulous Victorian summer cottages and growing up in one.

An authentic Islander explains Mackinac, the horses, the people, and the natural beauty as well as island history and lore – Native people, shipwrecks, carriages, winter-life, and much more.

Hear a unique perspective

Get an intimate look at Mackinac Island’s charisma from a six-generation resident. Observe the lifestyles, get insider perspectives, and feel for yourself why Mackinac is so treasured. Take in unique scenes and grasp the incredible charm of Mackinac, revealed by a local expert, while becoming acquainted with the peaceful, real Mackinac Island, in the woods and quiet places, beyond the hustle and bustle of town.

Learn from a sixth-generation islander

Meet Moira

Meet Moira

Your guide, Moira Croghan, is a Mackinac
local whose family has been living on the
Island for 6 generations. As a result, she is
able to cover all topics of Mackinac Island:
from lifestyle and culture to natural historyand wildlife. As the only long-term resident providing personal tours of Mackinac Island—Moira shares facts and stories that visitors won’t find anywhere else.

The true beauty of Mackinac told by someone who has always called it home


hear from those who have experienced it for themselves

"Guide Moira is a native whose family has been on the island for over 140 years. She is an incredible source of information regarding the history of island homes and summer cottages as well as Mackinac Island's natural histories and lifestyles. VERY informative and FUN."

- Barrington, IL

"We had a great excursion with Mackinac Revealed, hearing about island living, the horses, and carriages. My wife and I enjoy natural areas and geo-caching, so we went to some out-of-the-way spots and learned about the Great Lakes, Mackinac's history, and the local environment. We went in a little cave, walked some caves, and gained a new appreciation of Mackinac Island."

- Manakin Sabot, VA

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Let us know if you have any questions. Mackinac Revealed is here to make your trip to Mackinac one to remember.

Moira Croghan

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