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Mackinac's only licensed travel receptive, here to give you an unforgettable island experience

Licensed by the City of Mackinac Island, Mackinac Revealed offers a variety of services including walking and bike tours, seated presentations, and Island based support services such as trip planning and ticketing for families, business groups and cruise ship passengers. Speaking topics cover Island history

leaders, architecture, cottage lifestyles, Native People, fur trading, Great Lakes ecology, shipwrecks, Mackinac geology and environment, year-around daily life and commerce to support infrastructure and summer business. Mackinac is a real community, not just a beautiful showplace, and Moira has been a part of it and understands the personalities and events that have made it so special.

Meet Moira

Mackinac is a real community, not just a beautiful showplace, and Moira has been a part of it all, understanding the personalities and events that have made it so special.


Moira grew up spending all summer on Mackinac Island in a West Bluff cottage because her family had done so since the 1880s. Her great grandfather, Delos Blodgett, a lumberman from Grand Rapids, was one of the first summer cottagers and her relatives have owned five different cottages. Moira grew up driving carriages, riding horseback, making trails through the woods, swimming in the Lake, and exploring every inch of Mackinac.


She worked in tourism businesses for 10 summers, before receiving her master’s degree from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and beginning a career in that field. She directed state water quality and soil conservation programs, responsible for implementing complex initiatives and managing over eighty staff persons.


Every summer she visited Mackinac and after 30 years retired to the Island. Then, to address a void, Moira launched Mackinac Revealed LLC to provide Island visitors information and services from a genuine local expert. She is the only licensed tour professional authorized to do so without a script - - because the Mackinac Island State Historic Parks recognized that her knowledge and background ensured the necessary skill and accuracy.


Author of  Timeless, a time capsule into Mackinac Island's historic homes and traditions

Combining her lifetime of knowledge and conversations with multi-generational islanders, Moira recently authored Timeless, the definitive book about Island summer cottages and lifestyles. The book reveals photographs from inside over thirty of Mackinac's historic Victorian homes, making these grand structures feel a bit more like home for everyone who picks up the book.


Discover Mackinac

Learn why so many have given it the name "Magical Mackinac"

Take a step back in time and discover the
natural beauty and rich history of
Mackinac Island the way the locals do.


Let us know if you have any questions. Mackinac Revealed is here to make your trip to Mackinac one to remember.

Moira Croghan

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